Kenyan musician and business woman Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has shared more about her relationship and breakup with her Mzungu husband Denis Schweizer well known as Omosh.

Speaking in a live session on social media, Akothee shared about her breakup revealing that she found out things she couldn't keep up with, shortly after their wedding.

"When we were in honeymoon I found out things that I could not keep up with. In July he asked me if I would leave him, but I told him, no baby, I love you but I had already left," said Akothee.

The mother of five shared that she walked out of the relationship in June because she couldn't continue forcing things.

I walked out of that relationship back in June. We had to pack our bags out of that relationship because it was not a relationship. I'm one person who doesn't force issues. When it is not working for me, it is not just working.

She added that she has no regrets about her wedding because it was something she wanted then and will not do away with the footage. 

Denis Schweizer came into my life when I was going through so much. We came from far and he gave me what I needed when I needed him. I enjoyed everything with him including living with him. All the flight tickets he bought for me, I really do appreciate but then the relationship was not meant to be."

Akothee and Denis held their wedding on Easter Monday at the Windsor Golf Club at a glamorous event attended by government officials and celebrities.