Mulamwah's exgirlfriend Carrol Muthoni also known as Carol Sonie has shared on some of the things she did when she was madly in love with the Kenyan comedian and radio presenter.

In a post on social media, Carrol Muthoni said she was going through some Google photos and she was reminded of a time she quit her job because she was in love.

"Uweh niko hapa google photos reminding me some silly things I did for love. Ghai,. I quit my job because of a maaan. Muthoni Ma?"

PHOTO | COURTESY: Carol Sonnie Reminisces Her Relationship With Mulamwah, " I Quit my Job Because of a Man."

The mother of one did not directly reveal who the man in question is although her know exboyfriend is her baby daddy Mulamwah.

She went on to urge her fans to share some of the silly things that they have also done for being in love.

One of the fans said that she turned down a scholarship opportunity to Canada. Another Instagram user revealed that she sold her grandmother’s sewing machine and gave the money to her boyfriend to buy a phone.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie parted ways in a public breakup in 2021. The comedian claimed that carol cheated on him with another guy and went ahead to share the details on social media.

The two had a nasty exchange on social media and were not afraid of airing their dirty linen in public.

Early this year, Carol Sonnie however revealed she has no regrets of breaking up with the comedian.

Mulamwah is currently in a relationship with his bestie Ruth K and they recently held a traditional wedding ceremony.