The National arts council of Tanzania,BARAZA LA SANAA LA TAIFA(BASATA) has banned three music artists, Billnass, Mbosso and Whozu from engaging in artistic activities for a three-month period, starting from November 4, 2023.

This comes after Tanzanians took to social media to condemn the newly released music video, 'Ameyatimba' remix by Whozu featuring Mbosso and Billnass.

Tanzanians accused the musicians of promoting and glorifying rape and sodomy.

BASATA cites immoral content featuring the humiliation of the woman in the video.

The song’s content has raised concerns due to elements suggestive of offensive language, contravening Regulation 25(6)(j), and depicting actions of abuse, cruelty, and a violation of women’s dignity, in violation of Regulation 25(6)-(f).

The artists have also been fined three million Tanzanian Shillings each (about Sh150,000).

In a related development, Whozu has been directed to promptly remove the video of his song ‘Ameyatimba’ from all digital platforms. Additionally, Whozu has received a fine of three million Tanzanian Shillings and a six-month suspension from his involvement in artistic activities.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Tanzania Bans Billnass, Mbosso and Whozu Fines them Sh 3Million Each over Explicit Remix of 'Ameyatimba'

Furthermore, BASATA urged all artists and stakeholders in the arts to adhere to the newly launched code of ethics for artistic work.