Kenyan content creator and social media influencer Georgina Njenga has shared on various issues in her life including her plans for the future after her Breakup With Machachari actor, Tyler Mbaya.

In a question and answer session with her fans on Instagram, Georgina opened up on marriage where she revealed that she looks forward to getting married and settling down.

Responding to the question on whether she plans on having more children, the mother of one expressed her uncertainty on having more children.

"Would you ever get married again or giving birth again” a netizen asked.

"Marry Yes , kids no but you never know with life.”

When she was asked whether she preferred being single or being a relationship she wittily responded that both have their disadvantages and one needed to choose keenly what one feels is comfortable with.

"Between married life and single life which one do you prefer” a fan asked.

“Zote zikona disadvantages choose struggles wisely” Georgina replied.

In August, Georgina addressed claims of dating Kenyan singer Lexsil after her Breakup With Baha.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Georgina Njenga said Lexsil is a friend and she is not involved with anyone romantically.

The mother of one said she will not publicize her next relationship and she will prefer a partner who is not active on social media.

Speaking about her relationship with Baha, Georgina Njenga said their breakup was not caused by one single issue but a number of issues which pulled up over time.

The mother of one explained that it got to a point where they both felt the relationship was not working. She added that the decision was mutual. They had also previously involved their family before they arrived at the final decision.