21 year old, Kenyan artist Ssaru wa Manyaru has elicited mixed reactions after revealing the heavy amount a man has to pay if he is interested in making her his wife.

Speaking in an interview with Plug TV, the Kaskie vibaya hitmaker revealed that her dowry is 1 Billion and nothing short of the amount will be acceptable.

The musician added that she is not in a rush to settle down and with time, the amount for her dowry might increase.

"Let me tell you, I want to tell my current bae, but of course, I don’t want to get married right now. I want to wait a couple of years. But every year, the amount increases; it’s like a billion shillings, just like that."

Asserting her self-worth, Ssaru confidently stated:

"I bring the table. Let me just tell you, I am not just a table; I am a full dining set. In fact, I am the food that you are going to dine on in that dining set."

PHOTO | COURTESY: Ssaru wa Manyaru 

The video was shared on Nairobi Gossip's Instagram account and gained various reactions from fans. Below are some comments:

"😂😂😂😂huyu naona anaongelelea mtu wa Tz....juu sioni iyo 1 billion ikitoka hapa😂😂."

"Nikama anaadress mbogi ya tz😂 oraait."

"Hapa ndio wanawake hukosea. This is wazee’s decision to make. Hata akisema Kuku mbili sawa. Done!"

"Sasa kama mlishaambiwa mkaskie vibaya huko kwenyu then mbona mna complain😂😂😂😂chunga comment yako baba yako asikuwe ndio analipa hio one billion 😂😂😂😂."

"Alafu ongeza 100,000 ya marriage certificate😂💔."

"Ama labda iyo ni jina ya ngoma yake next 😂."