Kenyan content creator Njoki Murira is celebrating following the restoration of her TikTok account which had been banned.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Njoki Murira's Tik Tok account restored 

The content creator shared the news with her fans on social media.

Days ago, Njoki shared that her account with over 2 million followers had been banned. She went ahead to create a new one and she urged fans to follow her.

Her fans took to other social media platforms to express their disappointment and demand transparency from TikTok regarding the suspension.

The hashtag #BringBackNjoki gained traction, with users sharing their favorite moments from Murira's content and calling for the restoration of her account.

In response to the outcry, TikTok issued a brief statement acknowledging the concerns of the community. The platform stated that they were actively investigating the situation and will take appropriate action based on their findings

Njoki Murira gained popularity on TikTok for her engaging and diverse content, ranging from entertaining dance routines to informative and inspirational videos. 

Njoki showcases her life in the village, and she gained a huge following after she shared videos revealing her voluptuous figure.

Last year, the curvy beauty disclosed that she made Ksh3.4 million from the platform. While making the confirmation, the content creator noted that the amount in question was from her live sessions and people sending her gifts.

"Don't get it twisted TikTok is for fun, but I do earn from it. You can make videos for fun, and you can go live for fun too. It's up to you," she said during a Q & A session on Instagram.