Truth Watchdog has exposed 25 year old forex guru Kafuri FX for lying about owning a multimillion mansion.

In a video shared on his YouTube channel, Truth Watchdog revealed the real owner of the house Kafuri claimed as his own.

The owner of the house confirmed that Kafuri does not own the said house. The lady at the site said the house belongs to her brother and they had listed it for sale.

According to the owner, it has been frustrating trying to sell the house since people claim the house belong to Kafuri.

" We have been trying to sell the house. My brother is actually sad because it has been hard selling it. Kafuri claimed nyumba ni yake on social media but even if you go to Thika kwa Land, you will find that Kafuri does not own this house. It belongs to job."

While doing the expose, truth Watchdog warned the youth against falling under pressure from what others share on social media.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Truth Watchdog Exposes Kafuri FX for lying about owning a multimillion mansion 

Kafuri shared that he had acquired the 5 bedroom mansion last year. He shared a video of the house and congratulated himself on the milestone.

"New home. Congratulations to me. It takes planning,i am finally there👏," he wrote on Instagram.

Kafuri,  is mostly known for his prowess in forex, making him rich man at a young age.