Kenyan musician Avril has shared a post hours after calling out her Baby Daddy J Blessings for Physically Assaulting Her.

On Instagram, Avril said she is a private person however the pain in her heart made her share her business with the world.

She however noted that even after opening up, some people judged her while others said she deserved what happened to her. Others however sent her messages full of love.

In the post, Avril said she has decided to forgive J Blessings and asked her fans to find it in their hearts to forgive him too. 

"I Forgive You J, Please Find It In Your Hearts To Forgive Him Too. Everyone Is Deserving Of Forgiveness In This Life."

Avril shared that their seven years of relationship have been faced with challenges some of which have resulted into fights. She revealed that they have a mutual goal to communicate better with each other and to create a supportive environment for each other.

While at it, Avril said she is not chasing clout and she would not joke with something that is affecting so many people in the world.

She revealed that the matter is with the relevant authorities.