Mwaki by Kenyan singer Sofiya Nzau and Brazilian music producer DJ Zerb  is currently the most viral song globally.

The producer took to his social media to share the news of the currently trending song.

He cited a screenshot of an announcement reading 'Viral SONGS GLOBAL' dated November 16, 2023 a Spotify chart that states it is at number 1.

PHOTO | COURTESY: "Mwaki" by Sofiya Nzau and Zerb Becomes the Most Viral Song in The World

The song has accumulated almost 300k views in just 4 days on YouTube and more than 10 million views on TikTok.

The songs talks about how the father is hot tempered. She talks about the fear of her father when he finds out she is home after she married the man he didn't approve of.

Na nīguo mūthee akoragwo mwaki .(And the way my father is hot-tempered)

Na nīanjīrīte ndigakūhikie (He had told me not to marry you)

Anyona mūciī nīekūrakara.(When he sees me home, he will get mad)

Nake arakara ye ndahotaga (And when he get’s mad he is uncontrollable)

No, no, no uthamire (You just have to vacate)

Mwanake, mwanake no, no uthamire (Young man, young man you must vacate)

Sofiya was born in Miruri, Murang’a, and is married to a Kamba man named Nzau, who doubles as her manager and producer.

Sofiya has produced several singles featuring alot of artists outside Kenya. She is very popular in South Africa and Nigeria. She sings Kikuyu Lyrics with a mint of Amapiano and Nigeria style. This makes her very unique with a global acceptance.