Kenyan digital content creator Benard Kamulu well known as Bena Wa Malines has spoken after his baby mama called him out for being a deadbeat father to their months old baby.

In a post on social media, Bena said people should not believe everything they see on the internet since there is alot of misinformation and some people are determined to cause the downfall of others.

"The internet is full of information, some facts, some false, some are real, some are scripted. Some of us are here to create and entertain, and some are here to chase clout and defame. Do not believe everything the media feeds you. Some people will find all means to bring you down, some people accuse you falsely, some will fail to appreciate you."

PHOTO | COURTESY: Bena Wa Malines Responds to deadbeat dad claims 

In another interview, the comedian acknowledged that he had a child and he lived with his mother noting that he didn't have a wife that he knows of.

He dismissed the allegations noting that they just clout-chasing attempts on the side of the woman.

Bena highlighted that this wasn't the first woman to bring forth such accusations since he became famous.

The comedian maintained that he didn't know the woman claiming to be associated with him romantically.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, the lady identified as Lydia Waithera said she is Bena's wife. She narrated how she met Bena Wa Malines before he even went viral with his videos.

She disclosed that at that time she was a single mother and Bena agreed to take responsibility of her and her child. They moved in together and after a while she became pregnant with her second child.

According to her, everything was going well until her second child was born. It was at this time that Bena became neglectful.

Lydia accused Bena of spending his money with friends and forgetting about his young family.

The mother of two implored Bena to accept accountability for their child and to care for him with the same love and dedication he showed towards her first child who is not his biological child.