Eric Omondi has shared that he will be revealing the face of his daughter Kyla Omondi on Thursday.

This comes after an unnamed person paid the required amount of Ksh 50 million for the reveal.

" Kuna bazuu amefika bei. Kuna mtu amewalipia kuona princess, 50M ya Kyla nakula tu polepole, " said the comedian.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Eric Omondi set to unveil the face of their daughter this Thursday, claims someone paid them Ksh 50 Million for the reveal.

In July, the comedian turned activist announced that he would not be unveiling his daughter's face on social media for free. He shared that he was going to charge Ksh 50 million for the reveal.

"Seeing the face of my child will be a lot of money. In order for me to reveal the face of my child, I will need to be given 50 million. Whoever gives me that money, even if it is a newspaper, you will see it there. My child's face is very difficult to see."

Omondi jested that he kept the amount ‘low’ as he has considered the harsh economic condition in the country.