America based Kenyan content creator Andrew Kibe, famed for his no-holds-barred trolls, is back in the country.

Kibe was received by some of his fans at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport this evening.

He had minimal interaction with fans at the airport and he was seen wearing dark eyeglasses and had covered his head and face.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Andrew Kibe arrives in Kenya 

PHOTO | COURTESY: Andrew Kibe 
Kibe is set to host "Andrew Kibe graduation day" on 3rd December 2023. The event will be attended by 2,000 people only and tickets go for Ksh 20,000 each.

Days ago, Kibe stated that he does not fear anyone mentioned in his viral videos, and they can do as they wish.

In an interview, he defended his content creation style noting that he was just calling out people on their mistakes. He stared that he has no fear of coming back to Kenya.

"Bro Kenya is my country, why should I fear, when I left I didn't tell anyone, why should I tell people I'm coming back, it's like I went for a holiday, Kenya is my country. Why would anybody fear? mimi nimefanya kitu mbaya?, I just pointed out wale watu wako na upuzi, wafanye vile wanafanya, kama unaskia nimekukosea, do what you got to do, Mimi naenda event, story mob sitaki kujua, so kama uko na tufeelings sitaki kujua, kama uko na sniper, do what you got to do, I've lived for too long anyway, maybe it's time to go."

The unapologetic content creator explained that he had to play 'bad cop' in his videos to call out men and hold them accountable.

Kibe clarified that his criticism is directed towards men, not women, as he believes that women's actions are influenced by the perceived weakness of men.

"In my videos, I just pointed out some evils in that's in our country, my point has always been, that when men become weak women become evil, women have not always been evil, it's because of the weakness of men, that's why my whips are always on men, not women."

Among the celebrities frequently targeted by Kibe’s criticism are Singer Bahati, Terence Creative, Krg The Don, Diana Marua, among others.

Responding to Kibe’s impending arrival, KRG The Don issued a lighthearted warning, “Naskia Andrew Kibe aka Kifee is coming home this December!!! Karibu sana Mzae #Bughaaa will offer you the best welcome our country can offer.”