Kenyan musician and content creator Nimo Gachuiri has called out her husband Mr seed over his controversial 'polygamous men' remark.

In a recent podcast, the musician said men are polygamous.

"Sisi wanaume tunakuanga watu wako na akili sana. Naeza kaa na wewe in a relationship for like three years nakuangalia, already nishajua you don't have what I want. Then siku moja unaamka unapata nigga ashafanya wedding. Unaeza kaa na uone msichana useme huyu ni wife. Maybe hata ni best friend wako. Men are created to be polygamous."

After his remarks, he was seen shaking hands with another person to approve his sentiments.

Expressing her frustration, Nimo conveyed her displeasure at Mr. Seed, feeling upset about being turned into a public laughing stock.

"So I saw the snippet of the podcast done by Mr Seed him saying whatever he was saying. I didn't even finish watching it. I was PISSED OFF. So I turned to him and asked, hizi sasa ni nini unasema surely. Next thing I said is that people must really think I am stupid."

PHOTO | COURTESY: Nimo Blasts Her Husband Mr Seed For Saying Men Are Polygamous

In response, Mr Seed expressed feeling harshly judged by those who commented on a snippet of the video.

He noted that the controversial statement was taken out of context, as the entire debate lasted an hour, but only 30 seconds were highlighted.