Eric Omondi through sisi kwa sisi program has managed to raise over Ksh 625,000 for a Mathare Woman whose roof was removed by the landlord die to Ksh 6k rent arrears.

The plight of the said mom was first shared by Priscilla Waimani who had visited the woman identified as Florence Odhiambo.

The matter got the attention of Eric Omondi who immediately appealed to Kenyans to help the struggling mother.

The team raised Ksh625,000, which he used to rent a new house for the mother and her children, and further enrolled the children on a new school.

“We moved her to a new house and paid one year's rent. We took the children to a new school, and we have opened an account for her and deposited 300K which she can only access once she has a business plan,” Eric Omondi noted. 

PHOTO | COURTESY: Eric Omondi raises over Sh625K for mother whose roof was removed

Before commissioning the online fundraiser, Eric promised that they were going to change the woman’s situation.

He mentioned that Florence Adhiambo had stayed in the said house for two days after the roof was removed by the landlord. She had nowhere else to go.

“What the Enemy tries to use to Destroy you is what God uses to UPLIFT you!!! This widow's roof was removed last Friday Because she had not paid Rent. She has stayed in that house with 2 Children and one baby until today when @priscillawaimani discovered her this evening. You can imagine the Rain over the weekend."