Kenyan comedian and radio presenter David Oyando well known as Mulamwah has attracted various reactions from fans after doing the viral 'baby daddy' challenge.

Mulamwah recorded himself in a tea plantation where he shared the various challenges he faces as a baby daddy living in Kenya.

In the beginning of the video, he said that people always assume he is the problem and all baby mamas hate him.

"Of course, I am a baby daddy in Kenya; everybody thinks I am the problem. I am a baby daddy in Kenya, all baby mamas hate me. Please auntie, I am not the one who impregnated you."

The comedian went ahead to share that as a baby daddy, the child has no idea that he exists and he only sees the child on social media.

"I am a baby daddy in Kenya, the child was told I died last year. I am a baby daddy in Kenya. When I thrive, you say I am making my ex suffer. I am just living my life. So I should not marry? I am a baby daddy in Kenya I only see the child online. I am a baby daddy in Kenya. I am still planning myself because I know there is a day I will be needed. I am a baby daddy in Kenya, I have been blocked. I am a baby daddy in Kenya, nobody is going to trust me, but it is okay." 

The video however did not sit well with a section of social media users who accused him of being petty considering his baby mama carol Sonnie is well known. Others claimed he shouldn't have done the video since at some point he said Keilah was not his daughter.

Below are some comments:

"Of course you are baby daddy in Kenya, ulikataa mtoto, ukasema si wako!! Why did you leave that and you shouted it to the media?"

"This is not funny, he's a manipulator and a gas lighter, not reflecting on himself trying to indicate that Sonnie was the problem, pure gaslighting."

"This is unnecessary and petty simply because it's Mulamwah and we all know his story."

Last year While engaging in a Q&A session with her fans, Carol opened up about how she decided to have her baby daddy's surname removed from their daughter's name.

The content creator shared that she had officially changed her daughter's name dropping her father's name.

The decision appeared to be a result of irreconcilable issues with Mulamwah, especially after he publicly denied their daughter, who Sonnie humorously noted is a “carbon copy” of him.

Mulamwah and Sonnie split in December 2021, merely three months after Keilah's birth.