Celebrated young rapper Mario TJ Kasela, better known as Trio Mio is winning in the music scene and according to his recent revelation,music pays and he is doing well in life.

In a recent interview, The cheza kama wewe Hitmaker, who completed his O Level of education in 2023  disclosed that God has been gracious to him and his family ever since his initial brush with fame.

Trio Mio said he bought himself a car and is currently building a house for his mother. 

"My net worth is not bad, I am talking millions. Where I am today, at least my family and I do not lack food, my mum can rock whatever outfit she wants. I am also driving my car. I can’t tell you I am there yet ati I am a millionaire but we are comfortable."

The rapper shared that he is still living with his mother and will move out once the house he is building for her is complete.

"At the moment I am still living with my mother but I am constructing a house for her. I will leave home after I have completed building the house. I do not have to post everything I am doing for my mother for you to know what I am doing behind the scenes."

In 2022, Trio Mio revealed that he had bought himself a parcel of land. He shared the update on his Instagram page where he flaunted the title deed.

The photo showed him and his mother who also doubles as his manager, holding the title deed in an undisclosed location.

He celebrated the milestone and rightfully captioned it:  "Newest land owner in town. Mkuruweng. God bless 2022."

Trio Mio’s massive music success comes about three years after becoming a national sensation.