A mama Mboga from Burma Market in Nairobi surprised  congregants of New Life Church in Mombasa after she presented Ksh6 million cash in a sack to Pastor Ezekiel Odero. 

The distraught businesswoman sought the pastor's assistance to bless and pray for the cash, in a video which has since been circulated widely. 

She alleged that the amount belonged to her son, RO, who had allegedly concealed the amount in dollar denominations inside his car.

According to her, The CID officers seized the amount in dollars, which was later converted to Kenyan currency, resulting in a hefty sum.

After the conversion, the officers allegedly handed Sh6 million to the woman, keeping the remainder for themselves. She expressed concerns about the possibility of the money being associated with illicit activities.

"The dollars were found in my son's car. He is an Uber driver. The CIDs went to the bank and the money was converted to Kenyan currency, bringing the total to Sh10 million. They gave me Sh6 million and went with the remaining to their car, where my son was." 

The woman, grappling with fear and anxiety, contemplated the possible dangers her son might face, given the mysterious circumstances surrounding the money.

"I do not understand why they gave me the money and went with my son. It could be that they left the cash so I could use it to buy a coffin and ferry my son's body home; I just don't know. That is why I did not enter my house with the money. The moment I received it, I embarked on a journey to Mombasa to bring it to the altar," the woman said.

While responding to her plea, pastor Ezekiel noted that he would provide security for the woman until she located her son.

He offered to safeguard the funds while the woman searched for information about her son.