Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has finished the construction of viral Kisii bridge. The bridge caught his attention after a viral video of a little girl crossing the dangerous bridge on her way to school sparked debate.

Eric took to social media to announce that The bridge which is now known as baby Kemunto bridge, is complete and is safe for residents including school children.

"Kemunto bridge is complete. This young girl has changed a whole community. She is a hero. This bridge is not only historical but also extremely symbolic. It symbolizes a people's resolve, it symbolizes the power in unity! We are bridging the gaps. The gaps between the poor and the wealthy must and can be minimized and diminished. We are bridging the gaps created by political and tribal divisions. Team sisi kwa sisi nothing is impossible!!! Together everything is achievable!!!"

After the viral video of baby Kemunto crossing the dangerous bridge, Eric Omondi asked his fans to raise funds for the construction of a new bridge.

In a statement shared via his official Instagram page, the comedian appealed to Kenyans for financial assistance to help rebuild the worn-out bridge into a better structure.

He warned that its only a matter of time before the bridge collapses into a tragedy and explained that the community had so far tried to reconstruct the way over but it was not good enough.