Kenyan YouTuber Dee Mwango is a happy daughter after buying her mum a BMW X1 as a valentine's day gift.

Dee Mwango who is a sister to worldwide traveller I am Marwa, shared the heartwarming video that captured the emotional moment between her and her mother. 

Dee used a blindfold on her mother before presenting the luxurious ride which was decorated with balloons and ribbons.

The two were inseparable for a moment as they tightly hugged, with Mwango's mum clutching a bouquet of flowers with one hand.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Dee Mwango gifts her mum a BMW X1 on valentine's 

The YouTuber revealed that her father is the inspiration behind buying her mother a luxurious white BMW X1.

"My father always pushed me to get my mum her car, and it became my dream to give her a car. I am so happy my mum will not have to use motorbikes anymore," she said.

On Instagram, Dee shared that it has always been her dream to give her  mother a car, since she was a little girl.

"Yesterday on valentines I got my mom @congratsmum her first Car in life 🥺this has been my dream since I was a little girl! I thank God for this far 🙏 I can't forget to thank my brother @iam_marwa for showing me the way and seeing all the potential in me when I had no idea. Mom just know you are the reason I work hard and my happiness is to see you smile You sacrificed alot for me and I will never forget you mom anything I can afford I will give you! Cheers momy I want you to enjoy the soft life before me."