A Canadian Lady has called out Canada based Kenyan content creator, Vincent Mboya for lying about their relationship.

In a post shared on social media, the lady said she was shocked when the YouTuber shared her video on social media refering to her as 'my babe'.

She went ahead to reveal that she is a photographer and Vincent Mboya approached her with the intention of creating content together after seeing her camera.

With Vincent Mboya being new in the city, she decided to be nice to him and they spent some time together. She however added that she was never alone with him and she didn't even let him walk her to the car.

The video Mboya shared showed them enjoying themselves in what looked like a Video Game Arcade as they rode a motorcycle and laughed at each other. 

Things however took a different turn when Vincent Mboya claimed that they were dating and he blocked her after she asked him about it.

"This guy is trying to make me look like I am his girlfriend. I was totally fine with him filming content, but when I asked him why he put 'my babe' with hearts, he messaged me back, saying that I am petty and insecure. And I was just trying to be nice by hanging out with him but now I am blocked. And I cannot even comment or defend myself. He is out here fronting like I'm his girlfriend," she said.

The content creator relocated to Canada in November last year.

Mboya while stating that his journey to a new country marked a historical day for him, took a trip down memory lane of how he struggled before finding footing in content creation.

He detailed that he left Mombasa for Nairobi with nothing but through hard work, zeal and determination, he was able to rise to the pinnacle of his career as a content creator.

Without giving reasons for the move, Mboya confidently stated that the decision was necessary for him.