Kenya film classification board (KFCB) has issued a demand letter to gospel artists Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe over the spread of inappropriate content on various media platforms.

KFCB has issued demand letters to Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe, instructing them to remove inappropriate content from their respective platforms.

The artists are under scrutiny for their latest songs, which KFCB has banned after being deemed unsuitable for public consumption.

KFCB Acting CEO Nelly Muluka identified Embarambamba and Getumbe’s works as violating the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya, which mandates the examination and approval of all content before public distribution or exhibition.

William Getumbe's track "Yesu Ninyandue" has drawn criticism for its sinful nature.

Chris Embarambamba's song "Niko Uchi" has sparked controversy for its purported gospel theme, which the KFCB argues invites ridicule to the Christian religion.

The Board says the song reportedly contains nudity and vulgarity and promotes violent and imitable behaviors especially by minors.

Failure to comply with these directives could result in legal repercussions, as outlined by the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222.

Additionally, KFCB has contacted relevant media platforms, urging them to pull down the contentious material by the mentioned artists.