Days ago,a Kenyan lady identified as Lizah Njeri,  left many people surprised after showing the lengths she can go to express the love she has for her boyfriend, Paul Kibe.

Lizah Njeri went to a tattoo parlour and proceeded to ink her boyfriend's name on her forehead.

Lizah referenced a common saying, stating, “si mlisema gari haina number plate ni ya mwizi” (“didn’t you say a car without a number plate belongs to thieves”), suggesting that her bold decision was inspired by this analogy.

She shared that her decision was inorder to identify herself with the love of her life. She then proceeded to show in the video getting the tattoo.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Lizah Njeri tattoos her boyfriend's name on her forehead 

After the bold decision, her boyfriend Paul Kibe was not left behind in showing his appreciation.

In a separate video shared how he was gifting his Girlfriend Lizah with flowers and Yoghurt.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Lizah Njeri receives flowers from her boyfriend Paul Kibe 

“Ni usiku niko hapa tao, mmeshinda mkiniuliza, mbona? kwa nini mtu achore tatoo yako kwa kichwa, but let me show you the power of these,” Paul said showing the bouquet of red roses in his hands.

He then continued to document his arrival at the house with the lady Lizah on bed and the tatoo of his name still visible on her forehead. He began by greeting her and acknowledging that the” number plate” is still there and gifted her yoghurt and the flowers.

“unakaa fiti walai, naona number plate bado iko, eh mali safi, nilikuwa nimekuambia asubuhi ntakuletea kitu, nimeficha kitu hapa, najua unapenda hii,” Paul says in the video before handing his Girlfriend the Gifts.

Lizah offered advice to other women, suggesting that they, too, could consider tattooing their significant others’ names but only if they were certain of their love and commitment.