Diamond Platnumz's sister Esma Platnumz has alleged that Zuchu ended her relationship with Diamond and moved out of his house after he brought his ex girlfriend Sarah on Stage, during a recent concert.

In a post on social media, Esma begged Zuchu to come back since Sarah's relationship with Diamond is over and she is already married.

Diamond Platnumz and Sarah dated before he became famous. Diamond Platnumz and Sarah had an unexpected reunion at one of the singer's shows.

Diamond shared that she inspired him to write his breakthrough song 'Nenda Kamwambie' after she ended their relationship.

He confessed that although he still loved her, she had since moved on and started a family of her own.

Esma Platnumz didn't hold back in her reaction to her brother Diamond Platnumz's reunion with his first love Sara over the weekend.

Reflecting on the event where Diamond and Sara crossed paths again, Esma made pointed remarks about Sara's appearance, suggesting she still maintained her figure even though she was aging.

She highlighted how Sara's rejection of Diamond in the past had caused significant distress within their family, leading to what she described as one of the most heart-wrenching experiences for her brother.