Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy is celebrating after getting his social media accounts back from his former manager Chingi Boy.

On a video shared on social media, Stevo revealed he had a successful talk with Chingi Boy and he agreed to give him back his accounts.

"Tumekuwa kwa maelewano na Ndugu yangu @chingiboy_mstado na akakubali Kunirudishia accounts zangu Bure bila malipo nichukue hii nafasi kusema Asante kwa kila mmoja amenipa support nawapenda sana Sasa nimerudi!!!, Mambo Iko shega tu!"

The two shared a video spending time together. Chingi Boy said his friendship with the Mihadarati hitmaker is more important than the Ksh 150,000 he had initially asked for in exchange for the accounts.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Stevo Simple Boy with Chingi Boy 

He shared that as a result of his love and support for Stevo, he decided to give him back the accounts to allow him continue with his work.

"I wish you well my Bro 150k is not important than our friendship sasa piga Kazi 💥🔥🔥🔥 su sio!"

Chingi Boy added that he has a strong bond with Stevo Simple Boy and he is wishing him all the best in life.

Although the two have reconciled, Chingi Boy is not working with the rapper and in the meantime, Stevo will be his own.manager with the help of his director and friends.

Early this month, Stevo Simple Boy launched new communication channels after his relationship with his ex-management hit the rocks.

In a statement, Simple Boy revealed that his attempts to wrest control of his original social media accounts had proven impossible after his former management failed to avail the credentials.

Chingi claimed that he paid Simple Boy's former management MIB KSh 150,000 so he could retrieve the previous Instagram and YouTube. As a result, he wanted Stevo to refund the money.