Gospel Singer Ben Cyco And His Wife Wanjiru Njiru have Announced they are expecting their first child together.

The couple shared the exciting news with their fans on social media as they celebrated mother's day.

They shared a video of Ben Cyco holding Wanjiru's tummy and her growing baby bump was visible.

Ben Cyco thanked God for what he has done as he wished his wife a happy mother's day.

Last year in December, the couple narrated that they were expecting a baby but unfortunately they lost the pregnancy after 8 weeks (2 months).

PHOTO | COURTESY: Ben Cyco with his wife Wanjiru Njiru 

The couple shared that the loss was one of the most trying things in their marriage and since then, things had not been easy.

"We got a baby and we were so excited about it but after 2 months we lost the baby. That was a huge dent in our marriage but God's grace is sufficient...but that has been a tough season. That happened like two months ago…we tried but I guess it just did not turn out the way we wanted it to be and we lost the baby at 8 weeks."

The lovebirds went on to confess that they were trusting in God to restore their blessing.

Congratulations Ben Cyco and Wanjiru Njiru