Kenyan comedian and activist, Eric Omondi has disclosed so far he has managed to raise over ksh 72 Million through the sisi kwa sisi initiative.

Speaking in an interview with Betty Kyallo, Eric Omondi said so far, the initiative has helped 69 people in a period of 7 months.

Eric Omondi identifies individuals in need via the internet and offers them support, he raises funds for the underprivileged through online campaigns, rallying his supporters under the banner of ‘Team Sisi Kwa Sisi.’ 

In the past, Eric Omondi has rallied Kenyans to contribute whatever they can to help with hospital bills, police bail, starting up a business for individuals and a lot more.

In a previous interview with Ramogi TV, He mentioned that when the amount donated to a person surpasses KSh 1 million, he places the funds into a newly established bank account for the recipient and directs the bank manager to prevent any withdrawals without his consent.

"Nowadays, after we contribute to someone, we accompany them to the bank to set up a new account. We then instruct the bank manager to restrict access to the funds without my approval. Therefore, if the individual wishes to withdraw money, they need to contact me and justify the intended use or project for the funds."

Additionally, Eric maintains accountability through proactive measures such as regular follow-ups and arranging financial consultations for select recipients.