Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari has once again left funs surprised after going live on Tiktok with Chokuu Mpenzi.

Earlier, The two content creators left fans amused with their conversation as Chokuu opened up to the man of the cloth about his sexuality.

Kanyari claimed he had never encountered a gay man, vowing to pray for Chokuu to become a pastor.

Yesterday, the two went live in Tiktok and pastor Kanyari prayed for Chokuu and  rebuked the spirit of homosexuality.

The exchange began with Chokuu dressed in a buibui, prompting Pastor Kanyari to question his mode of dressing.

Baffled, pastor Kanyari suddenly broke into a dramatic and humorous prayer, aiming to 'change' Chokuu's sexuality. His fervent prayer included a mix of religious and military jargon, invoking divine intervention.

Chokuu added to the humour by shaking his backside during the prayer, seemingly to show that the prayer was 'working.'

Kanyari continued his entertaining performance by saying, "Nataka turushe sasa bomb... atomic bomb...semeni fire...sema fire....kwa comments sema fire...toa hiyo pepo...saidia fire...sasa natuma guruneti... fire... tupeni tupa bomb...nisaidie kutupa bomb. Chokuu I told you nimekuja kukomboa TikTokers. Nimepewa machine gun na Mungu, napiga risasi."

At the end Chokuu questioned where he would get an income from if he decided to change his ways and pastor Kanyari promised that God would give him a job.

The video has attracted mixed reactions from social media users.