Kenyan actress and social media influencer Caroline Muthoni well known as Carol Sonnie has shared some past experiences and the things she did for love.

In a recent episode on her YouTube channel, Carol Sonnie opened up about a particularly embarrassing action she took for love.

Sonnie was speaking with Dorea Chege, her friend Mylie Stacey, and Morin Actress in a segment they called 'Girls Tag', where they discussed love and dating.

Carol Sonnie who is Mulamwah's baby mama started with a disclaimer, "It is not who you think it is." 

She described a time when she went to great lengths to impress her then-partner's mother by making matching kitenge outfits.

"Ushawahi shona kitenge inafanana na mother-in-law? Unashona yako halafu unachukua measurements zake unapeleka kitenge ashonewe yake? "

The mother of one said she even went to church with her ex's mum-in-law wearing the matching outfits.

Despite her efforts, the relationship did not last. 

"Nakaanga chini najiuliza nini ilikuwa imeniingia because ningechoose mamangu, the guy or my dad, but I just wanted to please the guy. He was a mamas boy. Na bado nikawachwa."