Kenyan comedian and activist Eric Omondi has been arrested outside parliament building  where he had staged a demonstration against finance bill.

The comedian was in the company of a group of protestors.

While demonstrating, the protestors of whom a majority were women, accused the legislators of betrayal amid claims of planning to approve the Finance bill into law.

They held up Some signs which proclaimed the “Mama Mboga Revolution.” The protestors brought many sukuma wiki and scattered them at the parliament's entrance.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Demonstrators outside parliament buildings

police officers at the gate apprehended Eric and escorted him inside. He was booked at Parliament police station.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Eric Omondi arrested 

On Instagram, Eric Omondi said he is against the government to suffocate Kenyans with the finance act.

"We WILL NOT ALLOW this Government to KILL and SUFFOCATE Kenyans with the FINANCE ACT 2024!!! Kenyans are Suffering and Dying in Hospitals without medicine while they TAX us to Buy Cars, Houses and EXPENSIVE Travels abroad.#SayNoToFinanceAct2024."

It is not the first time the comedian has been arrested. In February last year, Omondi was similarly arrested for leading protests against the high cost of living outside Parliament Buildings.