Kenyan comedian and media personality Oga Obinna has gifted himself a luxurious ride as he Celebrates his 34th Birthday.

On Instagram, Obinna shared photos of himself beside the Range Rover that he bought himself.

He further noted that he has been able to achieve three of his main goals, affirming that God has his own time and ways of doing things .

” 34 on a 4 x 4,happy birthday to me it’s half year and I have achieved my 3 main goals this year it’s true God has his own time and way of doing things ,Asanteni Obinna fam for the texts and calls and calls and Dmz I really appreciate sasa tumeni kakitu yawa,” he wrote.

The artist had previously revealed that he intends to upgrade to a different model of car with each new stage of his life.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Oga Obinna gifts himself a Range Rover 

Congratulations and happy birthday Obinna