Kenyan rapper Madtraxx has been on the spot after his wife Salma Hussein Accused him of domestic violence.

Earlier today, Salma shared several photos which appeared to show evidence of severe physical abuse including a black eye, swollen face and hand bruises.

She went ahead to share a doctor's report dating back to 2021, detailing the extent of the alleged abuse.

"Never have I thought I’ll be beaten in my life… but I married an animal!! Y’all superstar MADTRAXX!!" she wrote.

Salma continued to express her distress in her post: "My whole life I’m battling anxiety, fear, and trauma!! Just because of this guy !!#10 years with a woman abuser!!"

Milele FM radio presenter Ankali Ray took the initiative to find out more from the rapper, in a phonecall interview.

Madtraxx denied the allegations, saying that his estranged wife was attempting to revisit an old situation.

He shared that the two are separated and she is just looking for a way to grab his attention.

"Maybe she is hurting because we separated and she is just looking for a way to grab my attention but I'm not falling for it," he said.

The rapper added that Salma Hussein left him and he is the one taking care of their children.