Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki is in the united states for his daughter's Shirleen Muchoki graduation.

Samidoh, his wife Edday Nderitu, and their family friend Bernice Saroni all gathered to celebrate the young girl's achievement.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Samidoh and Edday Nderitu at their daughter's graduation 

The singer shared his excitement and pride on social media, marking the special occasion with heartfelt messages and memorable photos.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Samidoh, Edday Nderitu and their children at Shirleen's graduation 

Reflecting on their shared journey, he recalled how she was born shortly after he exited his teenage years, describing it as a confusing time when he struggled with the challenges of young fatherhood.

"My daughter, child of my youth, you were born shortly after I exited my teenage years. It was a very confusing time for me. I didn't know whether to go back to school, to feed you, or to fend for myself. Ours has been a journey in which we have seen each other grow. Today, I am very proud of you. As i see you graduate to high school – this! I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world. My girl, I wish you greatness," he wrote on social media.

Edday Nderitu also shared her pride, heaping praise on the young lady. 

“Huge congratulations to our amazing daughter on your grade 8 graduation! We’re beyond proud of your hard work, dedication, and perseverance. You’ve grown into a talented, kind, and bright young individual, and we couldn’t be more grateful to be your parents. As you move forward to the next chapter of your journey, remember that learning is a lifelong adventure. Embrace new experiences, chase your dreams, and always believe in yourself. We love you more than words can express and are excited to see the incredible things you’ll achieve. Keep shining your light!HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL ❤️," she wrote.

Congratulations Shirleen Muchoki.