Baba Jimmy and mama Jimmy are having a good time in the united states after relocating days ago.

Baba Jimmy announced that he and his wife had safely reached their destination and expressed his intention to keep posting about his family’s experiences in America.

Responding to those saying he should keep his life private and posting his family on social media, he said he is not afraid since God is protecting him.

"Eh kwa wale wamesema ati maneno tusiongee tusiambie watu maneno yetu, wacha niwaambie, kitu, Bibilia inasema katika kuwaogopa wandamu huleta mtego bali amtumanie bwana atakuwa salama."

The couple also shared a photo of their extended family. The photo entailing Baba Jimmy's family had modestly dressed women in headscarves and long dresses, the same way Mama Jimmy had been dressing in Kenya. 

PHOTO | COURTESY: Mama Jimmy Meets Her in-laws in the United States: source Nandwa Isaac Facebook 

Baba Jimmy and his wife, Judith Carrier, also known as Mama Jimmy, alongside their two children, have captured the interest of Kenyans on TikTok.

Kenyans were fascinated by Baba Jimmy's mastery of Swahili language and Luhya accent.

In a previous interview, he revealed that he came to Kenya in 2012 with his 11 siblings and father, who came for missionary work.

He met the love of his life Judith, through her brother who was working as an interpreter.

Isaiah married Judith in 2017 when they were both 18.

When his family moved back to the united states he was left behind to continue the ministry work at their Kingdom Driven Ministry church and Wajumbe Training Bible School.