Kenyan comedian and media personality Oga Obinna has  Bought  A Toyota Landcruiser Zx To Celebrate Father's Day.

This comes Just A Week After Obinna  Bought A Range Rover To Celebrate His Birthday.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Oga Obinna buys a Toyota land cruiser ZX 

Oga Obinna took to social media to celebrate the milestone.

"Happy Fathers Day To US. My fathers day gift to me and the Squad. Roadtrips are about to be Lit. Range got a Sista, an OffRoader ZX #Happyfathersday #obinnafathersday."

PHOTO | COURTESY: Oga Obinna buys a Toyota land cruiser ZX 

Yesterday, the father of four celebrated the day by sharing a lovely message on social media for all fathers. He commended all fathers who are in their children's lives and asked those who are not to do better.

"HAPPY FATHERS DAY. To all the PRESENT fathers out there MAJOR SHOUT-OUT. Keep being there for the FAMILY. Won’t be easy but as a father you keep trying. We learn from our mistakes and improve gradually. We take the hits on behalf of our KIDS and we wear the scars as a badge of HONOR. Hang in there champ ,YOU ARE THE BEST. I know you are rarely told that YOU ARE AMAZING however take it from the smile on your kids faces. That is enough for a FATHER. For the fathers who aren't present,bro let’s try and do better ( I know you are trying,let us try HARDER) God Bless You.#happyfathersday #obinnafathersday."

Obinna has an impressive car collection such as the range rover he bought on his 34th Birthday, a Volkswagen Touareg SUV he bought on his 33rd birthday, a mercedes Benz, a Toyota Harrier Hybrid.

Congratulations Oga Obinna.