Bonfire adventures CEO Simon Kabu has announced that his daughter Maurine is looking for a Travel partner.

In a video shared on social media, Simon Kabu said Maurine needs a travel partner for both local and international flights.

Simon Kabu was heard saying that he is not comfortable with his daughter travelling around the world all by herself.

He shared that he would have wanted to accompany her in her travels but his busy schedule restricts him from doing so.

On the question of whether Maurine would like a male or a female travel partner, she said that she would prefer a male.she went ahead to lost the qualities she is looking for in the travel partner.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Simon Kabu and his daughter Maurine.

"A responsible and disciplined person. We should vibe and they should not be boring. The person should be ready to explore the world,” she said. 

Her father noted that he does not have an issue with a male travel partner but urged his daughter to be careful.

Simon Kabu introduced his daughter to the public in 2022.

Kabu revealed the information during a Q&A session with his followers on Instagram.

The fan asked,” is it true you have a 24-year-old daughter, and you have been hiding her from Sarah?”

To which he responded, “Hapo Kwa hiding Apana but yuko.”