Kenyan socialite and reality TV Star Vera Sidika has shared that she does not plan on having more children or getting married.

Vera was responding to a fan who had asked the mother of two to consult her fans before getting pregnant again.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Vera sidika 

"Aki before ushike mimba ingine consult us as your fans cause yoh," said the fan.

Vera was surprised that her fans want her to consult them before making personal decisions, but she assured them that there's no reason to worry since marriage and having another child is not part of her plans.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Vera sidika says she does not want more kids or marriage 

In April this year, In a post on social media, the mother of two shared that she is taking at least a seven year break, before she can have more children.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Vera Sidika 

"The four things I don't want to experience during the summer season are getting pregnant, going bankrupt, feeling sad, and getting pregnant."

"No more babies for me for at least 7 years, nope," she said.

Vera Sidika has two children with musician Brown Mauzo. 

Last month, she threw a lavish Divorce party to mark a new chapter after her failed marriage to Brown Mauzo.

She clarified that her stand on marriage was a personal opinion and not a fact, noting that while to her marriage is a scam, it is a beautiful thing to others.