Kenyan Digital creator and influencer Nicholas Kioko has opened up about a personal issue,  an illness he is currently battling.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Nicholas Kioko 

In a post on Instagram, Kioko shared that he is Battling Lumbar Hypolordosis a condition characterized by a reduced inward curvature of the lower spine.

“Hey everyone, I wanted to share something personal.I’ve been dealing with lumbar hypolordosis, which has made the past few days and nights really challenging. Lumbar hypolordosis is a condition characterized by a reduced inward curvature of the lower spine. It’s been causing a lot of discomfort."

The father of two shared that he is currently under treatment and he is doing his best to remain positive.

 According to him, the hospital provided specific recommendations tailored to his condition, which include physical therapy, exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles around his spine.

He went ahead to thank his wife Wambo Ashley for being supportive and asked those who have had a similar condition to share their experiences with him.

Fans flocked the comment section to wish him quick recovery while others suggested treatment options.

Citrine Topaz: " Lumbar spondylosis, nerve compression and disc bulge lower spine this was me last year, diagnosed in late March 2023 after numerous visits to 5 different hospitals, countless physio sessions from end of Jan 2023 to late August 2023, countless drugs. I am okay now though I am extra careful with my back. Initially, we didn't know what we were treating from Jan, but we got the diagnosis after an MRI in March. It gets better. Surgery was the last option I gave physio a chance and it worked."

Queen Sasha: " Ive had the same issue since 2018...but mine is related to spine stenosis.The pain and discomfort that tags along..wacha tu....physiotherapy has really helped.."

Daicee cheche: " I had the same issue last year..but physiotherapy helped alot.saa hii niko fine ilipona inataka tu usifanye KAZI mzito."

Beatie Mwas: " Have been thru it since last year.. Have gone thru 2 surgeries now on therapies hoping to get better."

Quick recovery Nicholas Kioko.