Kenyan media personality Betty Kyallo has filed a Defamation lawsuit against blogger Edgar Obare.

Betty Kyallo noted that she is now taking a firm stand against defamation. Betty wrote that the bloggers do this for clicks, likes and views that is detrimental to all the hard work she has put in over the years.

She accused Edgar Obare of spreading false and damaging information about her on his Instagram page.

“On July 7, 2024, you published a sensational post on your blog. Additionally featuring our client’s photograph with false and defamatory captions," said the letter from Betty Kyallo's legal team.

The legal team described the post as filled with baseless allegations, insinuations, and innuendos aimed at tarnishing Betty’s reputation.

They demanded for the removal of the post or story which is still accessible to the 182,000 followers and or readers which continues to be read electronically and circulated to other social media platforms whose following continues to rise with each passing day.

Additionally, she insists on a sincere and prominently displayed apology. 

The BNN AFRICA blog page has been given till Friday 12th July to receive positive response to the demands set out ,failure to which appropriate legal proceedings against them will be taken.