Rose Atieno a Kenyan lady who gained popularity as a nanny working in Lebanon has disclosed why she came back to Kenya after working for six months only.

Rose became an internet sensation last year after a video of her saying goodbye to her employer and children at the airport went viral. 

In January she decided to go back to Lebanon after spending some time in Kenya, and the family welcomed her with open arms.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Rose popularly known as Nanny Rosie, said that Contrary to popular belief that her employers sent her back, she decided to come home for good due to personal and family reasons.

Rosie said she had been contemplating quitting her job even before informing her employers.

"I only worked for six months. I came back in June. When I went back, I knew I wouldn’t complete the two years. But I hadn’t told my bosses because I knew it would break their hearts." 

According to Rosie, after she left Kenya for Lebanon, her three children felt abandoned especially due to the bond she shared with her employer's children, Maria and Catelaya.

"My daughter is turning 14 this year. A youngster needs their parents at this age. She would phone me in tears and tell me she wanted to go home. My boys felt abandoned too. Knowing my kids felt neglected made it difficult for me to concentrate on my career," she said.

Rosie made the decision to move back home because seeing her children cry all the time made her so sad and she was forced to choose between money and her kids.

"You want money, but the kids are suffering mentally. They are growing up and will never be young again. I had to come back, whatever the cost. It wasn't about the money."

Rosie tearfully recounted her own upbringing without anyone to talk to during her teenage years, which led to her getting pregnant at 14.

"Growing up without anybody to talk to affected me. I got pregnant at 14. Those memories haunted me. While I was there, I feared my daughter might be misled in my absence."

Currently, Rosie is jobless but plans to start a project in Kenya.