Digital Creators MaryLinda And Rapho Clint have  Announced They’re Expecting A Baby Boy.

The couple held a lavish gender reveal party days ago. The party was attended by fellow content creators such as Nicholas Kioko and his wife Wambo Ashley, Trisha Khalid, Hannah Benta, Aggie the dance queen, Tiffy Dolly and others.

On Instagram, they thanked God for the blessing.

"Finally ni Champe, we thank God for a son on the way, it's not easy to get a Son its by the grace of God.." said Rapho clint.

PHOTO | COURTESY: MaryLinda and Rapho Clints 

The two announced pregnancy in April. MaryLinda poured her heart out, expressing her sheer joy and gratitude for the impending arrival of their bundle of joy.

“God has finally done it,” she exclaimed passionately, addressing the naysayers who had doubted her ability to conceive.

“I have seen so many comments, so many people calling me names and wishing me bad. You said that I was barren, I could not give birth, I can’t be a mother because my work is to abort, but God has finally done it and ashamed all of you, and that’s why some of you can’t believe it,” she declared.

In May, They shared that they will not give their child a cultural name. Explaining their decisions, they said that most cultural names carry spirits from the people the name came from.

The couple shared that at some point, their own cultural names have brought them problems and they want to break the generation curse.

MaryLinda and Rapho shared that their child will have Christian names and incase they give the child an African name as their last name, the child will not be referred to by that name.

Congratulations MaryLinda and Rapho Clint.