Kenyan Socialite and reality TV star Vera Sidika has shared that she is shocked following the messages she had been receiving on her Instagram.

This comes after the mother of two announced that she is single and expressed her interest in dating a GenZ man.

"Nasikia Gen Z Wanajua Kuchapa Hio Kitu, Is It True and btw am single,” she said.

Vera now claims that she has received thousands of messages and it is hard for her to choose from thousands of men who have expressed interest in her.

“I’m still shocked my dm is insane waaah surely how does someone pick one when over a thousand of gen z in dms weeh I froze for the last two days lol just recovering lol,” said vera.

Last month, she threw a lavish Divorce party to mark a new chapter after her failed marriage to Brown Mauzo.