Media personality Auntie Jemimah has for the first time opened up on the loss of her first child Nduta.

Speaking In an interview with Kamau Mwangi, Auntie Jemimah revealed that her daughter died from gestational diabetes, which was not detected early enough.

"We lost the baby due to Gestational Diabetes. It was not detected early enough, the day I was to go for the test I postponed it as I had something else I was doing. I was to go on a Friday but I pushed the appointment to the next week. I do not know exactly at what point the baby died."

Auntie Jemimah shared how hard it was coming into terms with the loss of her baby and how everything was a trigger to the loss she had encountered.

"There are so many triggers. I lost the baby in September and seeing other people's kids would trigger me, seeing other women pregnant also triggered me. The hospital records were also a trigger for me, I had to keep them away until I bumped them when cleaning up the bedroom, that was also a trigger."

The now mother of one said her second pregnancy was hard since she was constantly worried but was relieved when she heard her baby cry for the first time.

"Carrying a rainbow baby is one of the hardest journeys any woman would go through because you're constantly worrying, being super cautious, getting all sorts of unsolicited opinions, and so much more. But it is rewarding! Hearing the cry of my little baby was all the healing I needed."

She encouraged all mothers who have suffered child loss to seek help since it is an overwhelming experience.