A family is in mourning after their kin was found dead after allegedly jumping from the sixth floor of a residential building in Kasarani.

Blair Muthomi met his death just weeks to his graduation. He was a mechanical engineering trainee at the Nairobi Technical Training Institute. The deceased lived with two other young men in a cost-sharing plan.

His housemates discovered his body shortly after the fall and notified the police. A foreman at the adjacent construction site identified as Macharia was opening the gate for workers to move materials to the rooftop of the building when Muthomi's housemate followed him.

"The roommate came to me and tried saying something but I could not hear him. He then went to where the body was and started looking at it. I asked him, 'is that a human body?' He didn't respond to me, but he was there touching his body on his hands and stomach."

The two roommates have been arrested as persons of interest in the investigation. According to pathologists, Muthomi died of injuries into the abdomen and chest that were consistent with the fall.

The distraught family has urged detectives to investigate the matter and ensure that justice is served.

"When we were shown the remains of the boy, his internal organs were splattered everywhere making us suspicious if the death was accidental."

Muthomi's death occurred a few metres from where 23 Year old Jeff Mwathi met his untimely death.

May their souls rest in peace.