Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has offered Kare Maina a job as a private investigator at his firm.

Sonko appreciated Kare Maina’s skills in trying to piece together the last moments of the 23-year-old who died under unclear circumstances.

“This lady ni mnoma sana kwa investigations nitamchukua kwa my private investigation firm.”

Kare Maina impressed netizens with her deep analysis of the timeline before the death of Jeff Mwathi was reported.

On Sunday, March 9 and 10,  Kare Maina shared a video of a timeline of the details of Jeff’s last moments before he was found dead.

She attempts to piece together the last moments of Mwathi's life. She analyzes moments from when he met DJ Fatxo in the evening to the wee hours of the morning when they arrived at his apartment.

In the video, She goes on to dissect the timelines as well as statements issued as she maintains that, "the math is not mathing.

She also analyzes the angle which Jeff's body was found in. She adds that if Jeff was alive by the time of the fall, reflex action would have caused him to face down.

Even with all the details laid out in pen and paper, the young lady maintains that there are so many gaps in the puzzle. Joining in the online uproar calling for Justice for Jeff.