It was an emotional day for Jeff's family as they gathered outside DCI Headquarters to demand justice for him.

Jeff's mother identified as Ann Mwathi got emotional during the press conference and she had to lean on other people for help.

Emotions and grief was too much for her and moments later she collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital.

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According to her mother ( Jeff's grandmother) Ann Mwathi has been overwhelmed by the tragic news of her son's death and since she came to Kenya from Qatar she hasn't been herself.

The family is worried that the case has taken too long since the day Jeff died. They feel that it is unfair no suspect has been arrested.

" There was another young man who died in Kasarani, he allegedly fell from the sixth floor of a residential building, his roommates were arrested as persons of interest, in our case nobody has been arrested to date."

The family called on DCI to take fast actions to ensure Jeff gets justice so that they can grief knowing what happened to their son and why he was taken away from them at a very young age.