Kenyan content creator Idris Salim Kidogo popularly known as Mama Fathma is currently nursing injuries following a brutal attack by unknown assailants.

Mama Fathma shared a video laying on a hospital bed with blood on the floor and on his legs. 

The content creator revealed he was attacked while leaving the Mosque and the people who attacked him targeted his private parts.

He shared that assailants physically assaulted him leaving him with serious injuries.

I was attacked by a group of people on Thursday. I was coming home from the mosque, it was 5am. They just came from nowhere and started hitting me, By the time they were done I was bleeding, I was helped by neighbours who took me to the hospital. I have no idea why I was attacked me but I suspect it has something to do with my on-stage character Mama Fathma."

A few years ago, the Mombasa based comedian found himself between a rock and hard place after a section of Muslim clerics scoffed at him.

The preachers said it was unholy for Mr. Idris being a young Muslim to wear female attires in the name of acting. 

"We all know it is against our religious norms for people to force themselves in their opposite sex, this is unacceptable. A Muslim young man putting on bra, ladies panties and dresses in the name of comedy costumes, this is not allowed in our religion," lamented a cleric.

The talented Actor well known fromKidogo Comedy which was once featured on KTN Home TV channel said he only uses the character inorder to earn an honest living.

On social media, he assured his fans that he is recovering well and asked them to continue praying for his recovery.

Quick recovery Mama Fathma.