Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has spoken concerning the mysterious death of 23 year old Jeff Mwathi who fell from the 10th floor of Dj Fatxo's apartment.

Karen Nyamu said Jeff's death will always raise more questions than answers considering the manner in which investigations were carried out.

The senator was speaking after another incident where a 23 year old fell from the 7th floor of an apartment in Kiambu where she was visiting a friend.

The five people who were with Catherine Njeri at the time of the incident were arrested to aid in investigations.

"This is why Jeff's death will always raise more questions than answers. After an incident like that everyone in that house is a suspect. They get cleared later if they're innocent. No single arrest, no story on the circumstances leading to Jeff's 'Suicide' by those he was with. No story whatsoever. Nothing? Red flag."

Recently, DJ Fatxo was cleared in Jeff Mwathi mysterious death.

In a recent interview, Jeff's mother claimed that there was a cover-up happening, insinuating that the true circumstances surrounding Jeff's death were being concealed.

During the interview, Jeff's mother went to the extent of accusing DJ Fatxo of orchestrating her son's death.