Kenyan Model Esther Shanice Omwenga popularly known as Shan Wanita has been laid to rest in an emotional ceremony attended by family and friends.

The burial took place at Riverside Estate Kamulu.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Shan Wanita Laid to Rest 

Shan Wanita was the daughter of the late Onesmus Omwenga Maroko and Mary Mose. Sister to Sheila Ann and Travis Maroko.

The 21 year old met her untimely death on September 17, 2023 after being involved in a car accident along Mombasa road.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Shan Wanita 

Shan was traveling with her Friends Muffin Mungai, Kelvin and his young daughter to Mombasa on the fateful day.

The accident also claimed the lives of Kelvin and his daughter. 

Yesterday, her mother shared that her daughter's body was stolen from the mortuary earlier today, just a day before her burial.

Speaking to the media, the devastated mother said she arrived at Umash funeral home for the burial arrangements but unfortunately the body was not there.

She shared that she has never seen her daughter's body since the day she died and none of Shan's siblings had seen her body either.

The mother revealed that there has been some issues in the family since her husband died and they have been trying to sort them out.

According to her, some relatives went to the funeral home and stole her daughter's body even before she got a chance to see her. She was denied access to the body by the mortuary attendant without the required papers.

However, a close family friend identified as hanifa_moha254 took to Instagram to provide an alternative perspective, explaining why Shan’s body was taken without the mother’s presence.

"Relax, no one stole the body. It is just that the people who admitted the body signed out the body at her request. Stop painting us as evil family members and get the story. Shan is at home, and I’m wondering why all the drama. She was not there to sign in the body in the first place. We had two weeks to view the body in the morgue."

Responding to another query, she added: "When the child died, the mother was not available for postmortem and signing in the body. We waited for her at the morgue up to 1 am, and she did not turn up. Please get the story first."

The burial  took place today at Kamulu as scheduled.

Condolences to the family and may Shan rest in peace.