Popular Instagram model Aziza Frisby was laid to rest today in Tanzania. Aziza was a British and Tanzanian model and Influencer based in Kenya.

The announcement of her passing was made on October 4, 2023 by her close friends who were struggling to come into terms with her untimely death.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Aziza Frisby 

This Instagram sensation  sadly departed, leaving behind a profound sense of sorrow and mourning.

Her unexpected passing left people in profound sadness and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding it. As a prominent influencer and social media sensation, she had been making headlines since 2017 and had gathered a devoted and authentic following.

The exact cause of her demise was not  revealed, and her family  chose to remain silent on the matter.

Vera Sidika, a close friend of Aziza Frisby, shared a deeply heartfelt message on Instagram, expressing her profound sorrow over the loss of her sister. In her post, she alluded to the potential involvement of foul play and hinted at the possibility that jealousy and rivalry may have been factors in this tragedy.

She will be remembered for the impact she made in the fashion industry and the lives of those who admired her.

May her soul find eternal peace.