A Kenyan guide identified as Kelvin Muriuki Mwithi lost his life alongside a 60 year old British woman Shilpa Shah while descending from Peak Lenana on Mount Kenya.

Shilpa Shah lost her footing while climbing back down from a successful hike to the mountain's third-highest summit, Point Lenana, on Thursday.

Her guide, Kelvin Muriuki Mwithi, valiantly lunged to grab her - only to be pulled along with her over the edge.

The pair tragically slid over the cliff edge between Lenana and the Austrian Hut on the Naro Moru route, which is one of the most famous routes favoured by hikers.

The rest of the climbing group, seven women and their guides could only watch on in horror as their friend and colleague disappeared down the side of Africa's second-highest mountain.

Their bodies were recovered on Friday afternoon after rescue teams were forced to make several attempts due to bad weather conditions.

Kevin leaves behind a young family (wife and toddler). 

Colleagues of Mwithi have also set up a fund to help support his wife and young child.

Robert Kamura, who helped organise the fund, said on Facebook: ‘My friend has rested.

‘Our hearts are broken. May his soul transition to the afterlife peacefully.